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Racing Drive shafts

A high-performance vehicle or racecar needs quality parts to handle the intense speed and wear on the vehicle. At Dynotech Engineering Services, we manufacture high-performance aluminum and carbon fiber racing drive shafts that many racers trust to keep their vehicles running their best.

We choose aluminum and carbon fiber for our high-performance racing drive shafts because the metals are strong enough to withstand the high speeds and stresses during use in a NASCAR or other professional racing car. They are designed to hold up under the extreme power and torque generated within a NASCAR engine without adding the weight of traditional steel drive shafts. Plus, when every detail counts in chasing the highest top speed, lighter drive shafts mean a potentially faster car.

In addition to aluminum and carbon fiber high-performance racing drive shafts, Dynotech specializes in hybrid drive shafts, which use a combination of materials. We wrap carbon fiber around an aluminum drive shaft core, which creates a drive shaft with an impressive amount of strength while staying light weight. The carbon fiber wrapped aluminum drive shaft is an exclusive design with Dynotech, and it has proven to be very successful on the race track.

f you have questions about any of our products, or if you are ready to order a custom high-performance aluminum, carbon fiber or hybrid drive shaft, call Dynotech Engineering Services at 800-633-5559 today or download and complete our order form online now.