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Dynamometer Drive Shafts

Custom Dynamometer Drive Shafts

Dynotech Engineering Services is a leader in the design, fabrication and high speed balancing of all your custom driveshaft needs. We can provide custom dynamometer shafts with various tube types, diameters, wall thickness, universal, and constant velocity joint combinations.

We build all our driveshafts to the highest standards in the industry.

  • Shaft tube runout is 0.020" or less
  • U-Joint yokes are phased within +/- 0.1 degrees
  • Joint clearance is .0025" or less
  • Balance repeatability to within +/- 0.05 oz-in
  • Balance speeds up to 8,000 RPM

We can design, build or service most any shaft to your specifications.
  • DOM Steel, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber
  • Shaft diameters: 2.5", 3.0", 3.5", 4.0" & 5.0"
  • Wall thickness: from 0.065" to .125"
  • Weld yokes and U-Joints: 1310 - 1810
  • Fixed and Plunging style CV Joints
  • SGF Couplings
  • Flex Packs
  • Rubber element tubes