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Miscellaneous Parts

The transmission is at the core of making every vehicle go and plays a pivotal role in a vehicle’s overall performance.  Even slight imperfections or misalignment in the drive shaft can cause serious problems over time.  Dynotech Engineering Services supplies high-performance drive shaft parts, including flange yokes, CV joints, double cardon joints, bearings and tube shafts to make your vehicle perform better, improve balance, and provide greater control.

Whether you are performing a restoration on a classic car, muscle car, sports car or another high-performance vehicle, you need a replacement for a damaged part, or you simply want to make the vehicle that you have perform at a higher level, we can help you do it.  Our full selection of replacement and upgrade parts for transmission systems can help you achieve the performance you need while offering a great savings versus OEM parts.

Beginning as a part of Balance Engineering by General Motors in 1923, Dynotech Engineering Services has grown from our deep roots in automotive innovation and perfection.  Today we supply high-performance GM drive shaft parts, bearings, tube shafts and more, as well as parts for Ford, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge models.  Our products are built with the exacting standards of high-performance vehicles in mind and we use advanced welding and design techniques to make our products lighter, stronger and more reliable.  Our items are also more affordable than many racing and high-performance drive shaft parts, saving you money while delivering the reliability you need.

If you need replacement equipment or are looking for racing or high-performance drive shaft parts, look no further than Dynotech Engineering Services.  Our center bearings, flange yokes, tube shafts, CV joints and double cardon joints can deliver what you need for vehicles from most major manufacturers.  Learn more by calling our team today at 800-633-5559.

We stock all of the common Center Bearings, Flange Yokes and Double Cardon Joints for most OEM Applications. Please call with your specific part need.

Flange Yokes

Center Bearings

Tube Shaft

CV Joint

Tube Shaft

Double Cardon Joint