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Custom Replacement Drive shafts

High Performance Replacement Driveshafts

Some shafts need lengths supplied by the customer.
Dynotech can replace most Chrysler, GM, Ford or other driveshaft at lower cost than your local car dealer.

Dynotech Engineering Services specializes in manufacturing Ford, GM and Chrysler replacement drive shafts and universal joints for our customers’ vehicles.  Whether you are working on a restoration project, your vehicle has been damaged and you need a replacement parts or you are building a custom vehicle and are looking for high-level performance, we can help.

The drive shaft is among the most important parts for high-performance vehicles and ensuring this item works properly will improve the performance of every connected part.  Dynotech Engineering Services began in 1923 as a part of Balance Engineering by General Motors.  From our inception, we have been at the core of automotive services and on the cutting edge of automotive innovation.  We understand the importance of every part and we are dedicated to delivering reliable, affordable and high-quality replacement drive shafts and U-joints for Ford, GM or Chrysler vehicles.

We also have a strong emphasis on delivering results for our customers.  Quality customer service is our top priority, we are happy to assist you in finding any parts that you require.  Can’t find what you need in our online inventory? Give us a call. We can often manufacture custom parts or help find the right solution for you.

Find the Ford, GM or Chrysler replacement drive shafts or universal joints you need with Dynotech Engineering Services.  Choose from OEM steel, aluminum, DOM steel, chrome moly or carbon fiber parts, depending on the functionality and capabilities that you require.  Find the vehicle type you are working with to find the part number you need, or call Dynotech Engineering Services today at 800-633-5559 for more information.